Affordable Private Home Internet for Travelers

Revvly Box - 1 Month

The Revvly Box monthly subscription includes everything you need to get started so you can start enjoying privacy on all your devices at home, work and even on the road.

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Browse your home country's Internet privately, from anywhere in the world.  The Revvly Box makes it easy to take your home Internet with you while you travel by encrypting your Internet activates, providing you with an IP address from your home country and helping you to browse the Internet as if you were at home.  No more limits, blocked sites, geo filtered content, prying eyes etc… just total freedom and privacy for all your devices anywhere you go.

The Revvly Box subscription includes a powerful Netgear Wi-Fi router ($95 value) and unlimited access to a world-class global network of private servers.  Just plug the Revvly Box in to any available Internet connection and go!  No additional setup is required, everything you need is built-in and included in your Revvly Box.  Enjoy!

Canada's Fastest Selling Internet Roaming Device

  • Roam Private - Stop others from seeing what you do online
  • Roam Safe - Protect yourself while using Public Wi-Fi and Hotspots
  • Roam Home - Access email, news, banks, and all your favourite websites just like you would at home
  • Easy to Use - Protect all your devices with just one box, wired or wireless, and no additional software or subscriptions needed
  • Encryption - Be part of a private worldwide network, combining the best VPN providers into the largest and most resilient VPN network

Be home, even when you are not

Some countries you visit may restrict the internet, blocking content like Facebook, Twitter and other popular websites.

With Roam Home the Revvly Box connects to your home country and helps you enjoy the internet as if you are back home on your couch.


Enjoy all your content


Safe VPN Access, Worldwide

The Revvly Box includes built-in VPN technology, but we have made sure that it's so simple that you don't even need to think about it. Our subscriptions include access to several world class VPN networks at no additional cost.

The Revvly Box chooses the best available connection, every time you connect! How? We have partnered with several world class VPN providers with hundreds of servers worldwide. By combining multiple VPN networks, we provide the largest and most resilient network possible. The Revvly Box automatically selects the best connection for you.

That way you have the best service you can imagine. The Revvly Box may look simple, but there is a big worldwide server network working for you!


Protect your privacy on the go with Roam Safe

Free Wi-Fi is everywhere and people love it. However did you know that every time you connect to public Wi-Fi you expose yourself to identity theft and data leakage?

With Roam Safe the Revvly Box protects your privacy online anywhere, in coffee shops, hotels, airports, dorm rooms and even at work. It encrypts your connection on all connected devices without having to install a thing.


Roam Safe with Revvly Box


The Revvly Box works with all your Wi-Fi devices 

Simply connect to the Revvly Box and you are good to go! You don't need to install any software or configure any type of VPN setting on the device (if even available). Now all your devices can enjoy online freedom. Even those without screens.

Works with any device


Who can benefit from the Revvly Box?

Globe Trotters

There is a whole-wide world for you to explore, why should you be without your favourite news or entertainment? Take the Revvly Box with you and stay connected, like you never left home, from anywhere.

Contractors & Freelancers

You are always running around using various Wi-Fi networks as you go from job to job. Taking care of your clients privacy when you are working is just good business!

Online Content Lovers

Access all your online content as you would expect to, regardless if you are at home, on the road or while you travel abroad

Small & Medium Businesses

Give your customers and clients the same privacy you would expect for yourself. Share the Revvly Box and provide privacy to all your employees and visitors

Lawyers, Accountants & Public Figures

If you are using someone else’s Wi-Fi, even when using “secure” connections, your activities can be monitored and recorded. You owe it to yourself to make sure you are as private as possible.

Anyone concerned about Privacy

Of course there are good reasons for businesses, travelers and professionals to use the Revvly Box, however it was built for anyone who is interested in having privacy while online. Protect your privacy, period. No other reason needed.


Award Winning

2014 BOBAA Winner for Innovation & Technology

Revvly was honoured to be recognized as the 2014 Brampton Outstanding Business Achievement Awards (BOBAA) Winners for Innovation & Technology.