Revvly Private Internet

Revvly Private Internet

Revvly Private Internet - 1 Month

Revvly Private Internet monthly subscriptions includes everything you need to get started enjoying privacy on all your devices at home, work and even on the road.

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Your guests expect the best amenities, so why not include a private network to allow them to connect to the Internet, protect their data (and yours!) and give them full access to the content that they’re used to getting when they’re at home?

With Revvly, your guests get the benefit of a virtual private network (VPN) without going to the trouble of installing software, or carrying any extra hardware with them.

What does that mean?

Revvly is Canada’s fastest selling internet privacy device. For less than $20 a month, you can give your guests many benefits directly from their rooms:

  • Privacy - Tell guests that no one else will see what they are doing online thanks to your Revvly Private Internet service.
  • Safety - Public Wi-Fi is not safe but, with Revvly’s custom software, you provide data protection for your guests and your business. No one needs to worry about data theft over your network because it’s safely encrypted.
  • Reliability - The world’s best VPN providers have been combined to create the largest, most reliable VPN network around. Our custom software automatically chooses the best provider for the Revvly box’s location. If one provider goes offline, users are automatically switched to another. No fuss and no downtime!
  • Roam to Home - Revvly, lets guests access their home country’s Internet, allowing direct access to websites and content from wherever they are. Visitors from another country? No problem! Give your guests access to all the content they are used to seeing when they’re at home.
  • Ease of Use - There’s no complicated software to install. Guests connect to Revvly just like they would connect to regular Wi-Fi. There are no arbitrary limits on the number of devices… if a guest has it with them, they can connect it.

What’s included?

A subscription to Revvly has everything you need to get it up and running quickly, so you can protect your guests’ data including:

  • Powerful Wi-Fi router hardware.
  • Unlimited access to a global network of VPN servers.
  • Easy installation: Just plug in the power, plug in to your Internet connection and you’re ready to connect any device!
  • Compatibility with any device or operating system, including:

Works with any device

How does it work?

Revvly protects your guests’ data by encrypting it and hiding it from those who want to steal it. This type of protection is important for both businesses and individuals. Protecting important company emails or documents, as well as personal banking or credit card information and passwords, can stop a lot of headaches and inconvenience before they start.

Using a global partnership with the best VPN providers, our custom software automatically chooses the best available connection, then uses it to protect a guest’s data and give them their home country’s Internet access to content and websites. The combination of all of these networks means users get the largest and most robust network possible.

Our hardware is simple to use, but there’s a vast network backing you up!

Who can benefit?

Everyone can benefit from the use of Revvly, and a private network.

  • Globetrotters can travel from both near and far, so let them bring their favourite news and entertainment with them. No matter where they are, they can get the same content from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, or any other content provider in their home country.
  • Business people who are staying with you need to be sure their company data is protected. You can offer them that peace of mind by including Revvly’s private network as an amenity in your guest rooms, meeting spaces or business accommodations.
  • Your own business benefits from the safety that comes from having guests connect to a different network than your own computers. Your sensitive information, like guest names and credit card information, not to mention your own financial data is protected, since guests are connecting to their own private network.

Why does it matter?

Stolen data can cost companies and individuals a lot of money. For guests who are visiting on business, it’s vital that their corporate information be protected from hackers. Let’s take a quick look at information that shows how important it is to offer private networking to your guests:

  • In May, 2015, the United States Internal Revenue Service discovered that the data of 114,000 taxpayers had been illegally accessed by hackers. In total, approximately 700,000 people were affected.
  • U.S. Retailer, Target, was the victim of a successful attack in 2013. The hackers gained access to the credit card information of 40 million customers, and cost the company $39 million in settlements.
  • With free public Wi-Fi being used 84.4% of the time in the United States, it’s impossible to know who is connected to the same network, and what they’re doing with data.
  • A 2008 study found that 77% of all public wireless networks in airports around the world were NOT official networks. Anyone can set up a network and steal data—including people staying in your guest rooms.
  • In 2015, businesses were projected to spend a total of $76.9 billion on data protection world-wide.

With so much money being spent on data protection, and so many threats around the world, you can give your business an advantage. Your guests are looking for ways to protect their confidential information. Providing private Wi-Fi for your guests gives you an advantage in a competitive industry by offering an amenity that others don’t.

Award Winning

Revvly was honoured to be recognized as the 2014 Brampton Outstanding Business Achievement Awards (BOBAA) Winner for Innovation and Technology.

2014 BOBAA Winner for Innovation & Technology